Limited Edition Collection Release // February 27th @ 5pm PST


Love Tree Clothing is handmade by Erica Dykes from natural and sustainable fibers. Focusing on quality over quantity, with the health of the Earth in mind.

Starting at a local Craft Market in December 2018, selling just a hoodie and a dress, Erica has been growing her craft and successfully selling at markets and online ever since.

A note from the Artist

I am beyond grateful for the journey that has led me here and would like to share with you a little bit of my story.

My name is Erica Dykes, I am the owner, designer, and creator behind Love Tree Clothing. I was born and raised in the Great Bear Rainforest in Terrace, British Columbia. I was blessed with growing up in a house that sat at the base of a mountain, surrounded by cedar trees, I’m sure this is the reason they are my favorite. When I was little, I always told my mom I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. I was never the best at drawing or painting, I just really loved creating things.

In 2010 I moved to Kelowna, BC to study Water Quality and Environmental Engineering. I was at a point in my life where I felt I had to go back to school, I honestly didn’t put much thought into my choice, I had the prerequisites and liked the idea of working outside. I went to Shambhala Music Festival for my first time in the summer of 2011 and made most of my own outfits. After being immersed in a wonderland of art and seeing the vendors with their incredible handmade goods, I found myself dreaming of being an artist again. I dropped out of my engineering program in the Spring of 2012 and started my Fashion Design program in the Fall.

I graduated the Fashion Design and Merchandising program, from the Centre for Arts and Technology, in the Fall of 2014. Upon graduating, I received the award for Technical Excellence in pattern drafting and garment construction. I always focus my attention first on how a garment will fit, a great design is nothing if it doesn’t wear well.

I create simple, flattering pieces, with small details to make them stand out. I believe in slow fashion and sustainable practices. I design and sew everything myself out of my home studio, making each piece with love and intention. 

I want to thank anyone who has bought one of my pieces, complimented my work, or shared words of encouragement along the way. I could not have done this without you. I've never been so challenged or rewarded doing anything else and I feel so honored that I have a community to support me. 

With deepest gratitude,

Erica Michelle Dykes

Love Tree Clothing